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Holistic recovery for the WILD at heart

Let’s face it, we all need recovery. Whether it’s from a substance or behavioral addiction, or addiction to destructive thought patterns, we must work to recover the Self.

Learn how to befriend and heal that which ails you and step into your inherent, wild wholeness. Learn how to find depth, meaning, and joy in recovery. There’s no better time than now.

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WILD in Recovery offers comprehensive, holistic, and integrative programs, along with individualized recovery coaching, to help you—the wild-hearted woman—courageously step into recovery on your own terms.


Social support is vital when it comes to recovery—we were not meant to walk this path alone. Join our community of like-minded, wild-hearted women and connect with your tribe—the tribe that will support you in your healing, transformation, and power.


Recovery skills are life skills, and as such, our resources are not limited to addiction and cover various topics related to healing and transformation. Discover inspiring books, teachers, and podcasts that will support you on your path of recovery.

We tend to focus on snapshots of isolated parts of the system,

and wonder why our deepest problems never seem to get solved.

– Peter Senge

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The Power of Social Accountability

My journey to recovery has been a long winding road and the image of the labyrinth comes to mind; just when you think you’ve made it to the center, made it to the goal, you find yourself heading away from center once again. I knew very early on that I had a problem with alcohol […]

The Healing Cycle

  Will I ever be free from this suffering??!? When will I finally be able to leave my addictions, my compulsive thoughts, and my compulsive behaviors behind once and for all?!? These thoughts often swirled in my head. Over the years I have found myself irritated, annoyed, and ANGRY that despite my best intentions, I […]

Holistic Recovery: Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul

  When it comes to defining, understanding, and addressing the problem of addiction, there is much debate and everyone’s got an opinion. Some say that all addiction is rooted in childhood trauma. Others claim that it is simply a learning disorder and that regardless of origins, it’s no more than a neurochemical process gone awry. […]


“You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again.” –Benjamin Franklin

Delay no longer–there’s no better time than NOW

Are you ready for a WILD ride?

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